Friday, August 17, 2012

The Stylish Side of Fibro

Tunic by TravelSmith
What do you wear? Does it contribute to your pain? Lets face it --- fashion hurts! I learned a long time ago, that if I can wake up knowing the clothes I will be wearing that day are going to be comfortable, then it makes getting up and getting dressed for work 100% easier and puts me in a better mood for the day. My clothes choices are loose-fitting, lightweight, and non-constricting (and yes, you can be stylish, it just takes some searching around – I do my searching via the web and almost 90% of my clothing purchases are via web catalogs). I laughingly call my style “pajama chic.” And NO, you do not have to live a life in sweatshirts and sweatpants to help ease your fibro sypmptoms!  There are alot of choices out there, its just takes some searching.

So far, I am not sensitive to things like rayon and other non-natural fibers, but if you find you are then its best to stay with natural materials like wool and cotton. Do I wear pantyhose: It is control top? Yes and yes (in the workplace).  However, I buy two sizes larger than I need so that I get a little control without feeling like I'm encased in a sausage (I like
Nononsence Silk Indulgence).

Skinny jeans and other tight-fitting clothing is not found in my closet, etither.  These things will not make you feel better and will only add to your fibro discomfort.  My "at home" and leisure clothes include a lot of cotton Tees and draw-string/elastic exercise pants. I also LOVE the peasant pajama sets by GEORGE that Walmart carries. They are great to lounge around in when I come home from work (I have quite a few in most of the colors that Walmart carries). The added bonus is I don't feel "doudy" around the hubby when I wear these!

  • Necklaces as they hurt sensitive pressure points on my neck (I do wear earrings, bracelets, and rings but they come off the minute I am at home!).
  • Turtlenecks (I wear scarves when its cold outside).
  • High-heels (I opt for stylish low heels to avoid back pain).
  • Bras with underwires (it goes without saying).
  • Pants and skirts without elastic or drawstrings).
  • Bulky sweaters or heavy-weight clothing (avoid the weight that can cause pressure on tender points).
  • Anything that is too tight - when pants are worn too tightly and ride low on the body, the nerves in the back can become compressed leading to more pain).
  • Dress pants that are made of travel knit.
  • Loose-fitting shirts and knit tops.
  • Tunics.
  • Good pairs of runnin/walking shoes.
  • Birkenstock sandals (but only with the soft footbeds).
  • Ballet and Maryjane flats

So pick a day you are feeling better, go through your closet and take all your non-comfies to your local consignment or charity shop and stock up on more comfies to help ease your body and spirit.

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