Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Patches of Sunshine

Sometimes its hard to be positive or even have hope when you are going through a "bad" fibro flare. If you are a reader, you might want to check out Nancy Sonneman's devotional book "Patches of Sunshine: A Daily Devotional for Fibromyalgia Patients." Although a great way to start your day, it would be useful anytime when you need a little uplifting of your spirit.  It is a sweet devotional for anyone suffering from a chronic illness too.  Check out your local library and borrow the book for awhile or your can still purchase it through Amazon.com or eBay (for a bargain).
If this doesn't sound like your cup or tea, you can do a Goggle search on words like "fibromyalgia devotions or meditations" for other resources out there. Just remember to take care of your spiritual hurts as well as your physical ones -- it really helps you to deal more positively with the limitations of fibro.
Hope you have a great day today!

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